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In this newsletter I share regular updates about my research, teaching, and other projects.

I work mainly on unemployment, economic slack, business cycles, and macroeconomic policy, so the posts mostly cover these topics.

In particular, I post monthly updates about the state of the US labor market, and discuss the implications for macroeconomic policy. The updates recapitulate the latest numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also compute the latest efficient unemployment rate and unemployment gap based on a new methodology developed with Emmanuel Saez.

More recently, I have started working in metascience, so I might write about the topic.

Finally, I am interested in typography and information design. Sometimes I post about these topics too, and share templates that I have designed.

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Why not Twitter?

This is an attempt to replace Twitter by something that is more user-friendly (no need to constantly check your timeline), more joyful (no risk of doomscrolling), and more academic (longer format, smaller audience, and none of Musk’s shenanigans).

Subscribe to Pascal’s Newsletter

Updates on my research, teaching, and other projects. 2–3 posts per month.


Pascal Michaillat

Associate Professor of Economics, UC Santa Cruz